Ariel : Share The Load

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Bushra Muzaffar

In our Indian homes moms do all the domestic work. We can change that with making everyone participate in the chores. a nice way to sensitise family members and general public at large. Great initiative by Ariel and continuing the campaign for gender equality


It’s amazing to see brands coming up with such campaigns to bring in the change that we always wanted to see ! I am glad I am raising a responsible son who believes in sharing the load.

sandy n vyjay

Having been brought up in an environment where all family members irrespective of gender shared the burden of work, this campaign is close to my heart. With the rapid strides of education and development, Indian society needs to shake off the fetters of old thoughts and move ahead. Ariel is doing a commendable job in creating awareness about gender equality and load sharing.

Manisha Balotiya

We all know that sharing is caring then why not apply in household chores. Ariel brand is my favorite brand and doing great initiative by this campaign.

Heena Shah-Dhedhi

Such a great initiative by the brand, kudos to them for making chores gender neutral and pushing out the Pink-Blue myth.

A Classic Mom

Love this concept of sharing the load. Teaching this to my son.


I really wish that I had a son so that I could teach him all the household chores and set him as an example!