How to control stress during Quarantine?

by Sakshi Sundriyal

We all are going through something we never thought of!! Nobody was prepared when this pandemic COVID 19 knocked on the door of our world.
Staying at home during this lockdown can be extremely stressful sometimes, no doubt many of us are going through severe anxiety or stress.
We always wanted to stay home, watch Netflix & chill, spend time watching favorite movies or playing games. Wasn’t this our ALL-TIME FANTASY? And now when we are staying at home, we aren’t happy, and constantly cursing the situation.

Instead of cursing the situation and stressing about it, spend this time doing something productive.
Below are some points on what to do during the quarantine period and how to control the stress:

Learn course from Udemy:
Go to and opt for the course you wanted to pursue or just explore the opportunities. You can find various courses across categories. Decide one and complete the course during the lockdown. This will not only give you certification but also you’ll be pro at one more skill.

Learn some Skills:
Invest your time in learning some new skills, be it cooking, playing an instrument, singing, dancing, or any other skill you wanted to learn. This is the best time to develop and skill and add to your lifestyle.

Have fun with your hobbies:
It is your time to work on your hobbies. We usually don’t get much time to spend on or hobby, but now we have! Spend your time doing what you love most, and notice your stress go away!

It is one of the most calming practice. I personally love gardening, because somewhere it gives me a sense of responsibility, Also, the baby plant you grow will always be ‘Yours’ and its most beautiful feeling to watch your baby plant grow.

Creating Content:
While stuck at home, create content you couldn’t get time for. Write blogs, record music videos, or maybe a podcast? whatever you feel like. The time is all yours, invest it in content creation.
Start what you always wanted to: I come across many questions on how I started blogging? It is the right time to start it now, Kickstart your blog, Instagram, youtube channel, podcast and learn how to grow it. Meanwhile, create content for the same.

Fitness & Lifestyle:
I am focusing on exercise now. Try working out at home. During this period, when we are not allowed to move out, and we stick to our couch or bed all day long, it is necessary to do some exercise. It will make you feel fresh and happier. And yes, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

Meditate, if even after following the above-mentioned ideas you still feel stress or anxiety, nothing can calm your mind than a good meditation session.

Read Books:
Reading books is a good exercise for your brain. It relieves stress and improves brain function. Download a good book, and get started!

The above-mentioned points are for keeping your mind busy & calm so that you don’t focus on bad, and shift your focus on what good can be done.

Thank you for reading.
Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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