How to control ‘What if?’ – the anxiety trigger!!

by Sakshi Sundriyal

You know you got anxiety when your mind is full of ‘What if’ thoughts.

In my case, my complete day goes with this ‘what if’ thought, and the thoughts are so bad that I feel those moments of grieve, even when the situation doesn’t exist in real life.

I know how worse it is to live with these thoughts.

I’m practicing a few things to control these thoughts, listing them below, just in case they help you too:

  1. Eat Right: Take care of what you eat. Your eating habits affect a lot on your physical as well as mental health. Though I’m on keto these days, I haven’t had any junk food since then, and believe me, I Feel Better!
  2. Write/record it down: What makes me feel better is writing down my thoughts, It makes me feel lighter and better, and kicks the thought out of my mind. I would recommend you to write down your feelings, or if recording works better for you, go ahead! and record it.
  3. Be Verbal: We suffer inside, but worry ‘what if’ we’ll talk about this with someone and they’ll laugh at it? What if we’ll be considered as fools, etc. Try to overcome these thoughts, and be verbal about how you feel. At least talk to one person about your feelings.
  4. Breathe: Whenever any thought disturbs you, start taking deep breaths! it doesn’t work ‘BEST” for me but works to some extent.

I hope these tips would help you feel better.

Remember: The world loves you!!

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