Keto Recipe – Keto Cappuccino

by Sakshi Sundriyal

You’re mostly going to find the snack items in my keto series, rather than meals. Because snacks is what we all binge and crave.

Trust me, living without hot chocolate and cappuccino was very difficult for me until I found the substitute! Keto Cappuccino.

Dairy products are prohibited in the keto diet, but here is how you can make tempting cappuccino, which tastes amazing!


Half cup of water


Half cup Amul Fresh cream



Step 1:

In a pan, pour half cup water, and add coffee according to your taste.

Step 2:

Pour Amul fresh cream in another cup and bring it to boil

Step 3:

Add stevia to the Amul fresh cream, and stir

Step 4:

Then add the mixture of water and coffee to this pan and boil.

Your creamy cappuccino is ready!!

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