Dear 16-year-old me,

So how are you doing? Well, I know life isn’t treating you well, you’re very upset and over thinking about it.
Relax, it’s just a phase which will soon pass away with lots of lessons for you to learn.

Are you upset with mumma Papa for not letting you go out with friends? Are you upset with them for being so nosy and being around you 24*7? . I know you are, you crave your privacy, which your friends made you believe that you need (But you really don’t). I know you feel like you’ve got worst parents and you’re also feeling suffocated. On the other hand you feel your friends are the only one who want you to grow and love you most, they’re super cool, they make you feel super happy and you feel blessed to have them in your life. Wait my girl, they all going to ditch you soon. They are going to betray you and then you’ll realize how negatively you were being influenced. They have been teasing you for your unmanageable curly hair, this made you insecure of your appearance and snatched away your confidence, do you relly need such friends in your life?

Be strong, you don’t need anyone’s company to make you feel happy or complete. You’ll soon get to know nobody loves you more than your parents do.

I know you get butterflies in your stomach when you see your 20-year-old crush while coming back from school. Control baby girl , it’s just because of the hormonal changes that are taking place in your body, you’re growing up cutie ❤

Now take note,

World is cruel, you’re going to face relatives lusting over you. You’ll start feeling the intention of a person by his touch.
Even your closest relatives are going to touch you inappropriately, you cannot trust anyone, except your parents. Teachers, who are known to shape our future, even they are going to sexually harass you soon, and this will scare you like anything. The worst part is that you won’t be able to share all this with anyone, and trust me, it really takes a lot of courage to speak about it. I know you cry a lot, hiding your tears and wounds from your loved ones.

Don’t panic, just learn to resist such people. Remind yourself that your parents love you more than anyone in this world, and this is what makes you strongest girl.

Now because you’ll face all this at such a young age, you’ll be all grown up mentally. You’ll judge people better, and you’ll suddenly get blessed with a very strong Intuition power, you’ll die for people’s values and morals instead of their looks and materialistic things. You’ll be grateful for the things that happened with you, and they’re definitely going to make you strong. All your dreams will come true in future, you are going to live your best life, all your prayers will be answered and you’ll be one of God’s favorite child.

Be positive, fight all these situations, don’t give up.

A bright, healthy and happy future is waiting for you ahead! ❤

Stay strong my lil fighter

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  1. Beautifully written! We all face alot of things in life and learn and grow from mistakes that we make and experience that we gain. Life is full of hurdles and it is upon us how we cross them.
    Keep writing!

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