Letter to society: He is not my ticket to the luxurious life!

by Sakshi Sundriyal

Wrote this letter a few months back, wanted to post it but decided to drop the plan!
Posting it today, because maybe there is someone who feels the same, but is unable to give words to her feelings.

Dear society,
I don’t know how hard it might hit you, but you need to know that he is not my ticket to a luxurious life. Stop asking me to marry off a ‘rich guy’ who can bear my expenses, whose money I can spend on my desires, who will be my ticket to fulfilling all my wishes (monetary), with whom I wouldn’t have to do a job, all I’ll have to do would be managing the house, make babies, and spend rest of the life taking care of my husband and them.
This might be an ideal life for many women, (I’m happy for you and proud of you as well, your life is your decision, and I respect how you chose to live your life) but I am not one of them. Finding a ‘rich guy’ is not my thing. I am the rich guy I need, I’m working on myself for becoming rich. I don’t think I need a shortcut ticket for a luxurious life. I am a happy ambitious woman, who is willing to build her career so well, who is happiest when working, who is working hard so that she won’t have to compromise on her wishes. My parents never taught me to depend on anyone else for anything, instead they always guided me, supported me and raised me as a strong, independent, sensible woman.
My type of partner would be someone equally hardworking, who knows how to love unconditionally, who can be there with me no matter that, who knows how to respect, and someone with whom I can work and together we build our lil empire.
I would rather choose to make money together than depend on his income. Growing together, with all the love and support from my significant other, is my type of perfect life.

Yours truly,
High flying woman

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