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Have you ever heard about microdermabrasion? 
Let me brief it for you.
Micro dermabrasion is the cosmetic procedure that uses tiny crystals to exfoliate and remove uppermost layer of skin with dry and dead skin cells. 
Today I’ll be sharing my experience with microdermabrasion at Metamorphosis Clinic. 
I’m one of those people who use home remedies and natural things when it comes to skin. 
I was so nervous and worried before I chose to go for microdermabrasion, but as soon as I reached the clinic and went for treatment, the staff made me feel comfortable and told me everything about how the process will go, they also assured me that this process won’t affect my skin NEGATIVELY. 
One staff member was assigned to do microdermabrasion for me. 

  • Firstly she made me feel comfortable, tied up my hair and made me feel relaxed. 
  • Then she started with cleansing my face. With every step, she was explaining me what she’s doing,and what products she is using. 
  • After cleansing my face, she started exfoliating it. The scrub she used was mild, as per the need of my skin. 
  • After cleansing and exfoliating my face, she gave me a relaxing massage, and cleaned my face again. 
  • Then came the micro dermabrasion machine. She again made me feel comfortable and assured me that the process is completely safe. 
  • She then started using the microdermabrasion machine on my face. It was completely fine, and didn’t hurt at all, everything was smooth BUT my face stared producing heat and turned red! She asked me not to worry about it. 
  • My dead skin cells, tanning, and other impurities that usually occurs due to pollution were taken off by microdermabrasion machine and I was all set to welcome my new, refreshed skin. 
  • After this, she again cleansed my face, and applied face pack on my face. 
  • After a break of 15-20 minutes, she took off my face pack and applied sunscreen on my face. 

Here is my conclusion of the process:
1. It takes 50 minutes to 1 hour to complete the process-
2. It is SAFE
3. The Redness and heat on skin disappears in 6-7 hours
4. You’ll observe tanning, black heads, white heads, and other skin issues leave your face. 
5. The treatment is worth a try!
Why choose Metamorphosis Clinic?
1. Friendly staff
2. Well trained members
3. Quality assurance
4. They use fine products
5. Remarkable results

here are the before and after results. No it haven’t made me fair, it’s all about lighting here but it has removed the uneven skin tone and pimples. 
You can know more about Metamorphosis Clinic here
I also went for hair nourishment treatment at Metamorphosis Clinic, I’ll share my experience on their hair nourishment treatment soon in my another post. Stay tuned to know. 
Stay Gorgeous❤️
Much love to all 💋

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