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Rakhshabandhan gift ideas

Rakshabandhan , the festival in which we celebrate the unbreakable bond of brother and sister is round the corner. This is the time of the year when all brothers go through the dilemma of deciding perfect Rakshabandhan gift for their sisters. Deciding gift becomes more complicated when you don’t know much about her likes and dislikes, also the younger ones can’t find the perfect gift for their elder sister that fits their pocket money. You can find different trendy fashion accessories your sister will love, and the best part is The starting price is Rs. 149 only!!

Here are some beautiful handpicked Rakshabandhan gift ideas for your sister:

 Bar Necklace:  ( Rs. 149 )

Is your sister the one who loves elegant jewellery? If yes, this is the perfect option to gift her. This golden coloured bar necklace is something that is super elegant, but makes any outfit stand out.

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 Bar Necklace - Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Bar Necklace- Rakshabandhan Gift idea

Paw Chain: (Rs. 149)

There are so many girls around who are true dog lover. If your sister is one of those dog lovers, this would be a perfect rakshabandhan gift for her. The silver coloured paw chain is the cutest thing to gift to your sister.

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Paw Chain - Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Paw Chain – Rakshabandhan Gift Idea

Dog Ring: (Rs. 149)

Now this could be another pretty gift for your dog lover sister. This bulldog ring could be the rakshabandhan gift your sister will adore forever.

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Dog Ring - Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Dog Ring – Rakshabandhan Gift Idea

Dog Ring - Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Dog Ring – Rakhi Gift Idea

Sharp Cat eye Sunglasses: (Rs.449)

Here is a gift option for your fashionable sister. If your sister loves to be up to date and follow trends, this sharp cat eye sunglasses could make the best rakshabandhan gift for her till date.

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Sharp Cat eye Sunglasses - Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Sharp Cat eye Sunglasses – Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Red Cat eye Sunglasses: (Rs. 399)

This red soft cat eye sunglasses could also make a beautiful gift for your pretty sister. Is she obsessed with fashion and sunglasses? This is something she needs to add in her collection! Gift  them to your sister this rakshabandhan and evidence the happiness on her face.

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Red Cat eye Sunglasses - Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Red Cat eye Sunglasses – Rakhi Gift Ideas

Fish Ear Ring: (Rs. 149)

This minimalistic earring is decent, elegant, yet makes statement! Gift your sister this elegant pair of earrings this rakshabandhan. She’ll definitely adore them.

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Fish Ear Ring - Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Fish Ear Ring – Rakhi Gift Ideas

Black Sling Bag: (Rs. 449)

A black sling bag is something all girls need to possess. Why not to give it to your sister as the rakshabandhan present?

This elegant black bag at this price is a great deal! And your sister will definitely love the bag.

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Black Sling Bag - Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Black Sling Bag – Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Ring Necklace: (Rs. 149)

Just like the bar necklace mentioned above, the ring necklace is also something that is super elegant but will make the outfit stand out.

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Ring Necklace - Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas

Ring Necklace – Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas


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Happy Rakshabandhan in Advance.



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