Hey Everyone! I’m Sakshi Sundriyal, a Delhi based girl, who is working in media industry and writing blogs here to satisfy herself, because nothing calms me down than penning down emotions and feelings.

I started  ‘Gorgeous Diaries’ in November 2016 to write my heart out, and express my ideas, inspirations, experiences and opinions.
Here you’ll mostly find topics related to My life, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food, and everything I love or find worth sharing with everyone!
So, Gorgeous Diaries isn’t just a blog, It is a medium for me to express my ideas, views and suggestions with you all, and yes! to make ya’ll my e-family:)

Everyone who is landing on Gorgeous Diaries, I welcome you, I hope we’ll build a strong relationship. I’m grateful for your love and support.

Thanks for being part of my journey.

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