An interview with a former smoker

by Sakshi Sundriyal

We all are very well aware that smoking is injurious to heath, still leaving the habit of smoking is very difficult for many.
No matter how dangerous it is, people still find an excuse to smoke. Few do it to look cool, few say they crave it as smoking makes them feel lighter and stress-free, and so on.. the excuses never end. People start it for fun, but end up being addicted to smoking.
I was wondering what makes smoking addictive, and after researching about it I concluded that nicotine in the cigarette is the addictive substance. Every time a smoker smokes a cigarette, nicotine enters the bloodstream via the lungs and then reaches the brain rapidly and produces the feeling of pleasure and reduce anxiety. The brain gets addicted to the feeling of feeling good, hence becomes used to nicotine. The more you smoke, the more your brain produces a feeling of pleasure.

Quitting the habit of smoking is difficult, but not impossible.

Here is an interview of a former smoker, who’ll tell you about his smoking journey, and how it all came to an end.

We have with us, Pavan Pamnani, a Blogger, Influencer and Content Creator for Men’s Fashion, Lifestyle, and Grooming. He runs a Youtube channel by name TheUrbanDandy.
Also, check out his Instagram and Facebook profile for some amazing content.

Let’s jump to the interview now:

SakshiAt what age you started smoking? and what made you do so?
Pavan – When I was 16 (my school days) I started smoking.
To me it was fun. I was influenced by my best friend and became a chain smoker. In a day I smoked a packet and a half cigarettes.

Sakshi – It ever affected your health in day to day life?
Pavan – In early stages, it didn’t affect me or I didn’t see until I saw what affected me! I wanted to be on screen since the time I was in 5th grade. It affected my face with wrinkles, acne issues, bad breath and that were quite irritating!

SakshiHow frequently you used to smoke?
Pavan – As I’ve mentioned, used to smoke a packet. It eventually reduced to a half-packet and then 5-6 a day and lastly none

SakshiWhat made you decide to quit smoking?
Pavan – My face was getting bad (I was looking elder than I was) and there were health issues.

Sakshi What all hurdles you came across while trying to quit smoking?
Pavan – To be very frank. No hurdles. One day I thought I don’t want to smoke and I was on it. MY WILL POWER WAS STRONG ENOUGH TO MAKE ME QUIT SMOKING.

SakshiAt times, when you craved smoking, how did you control that?
Pavan – I started eating healthy food and drank fresh juices, this was it was healthy and it kept my mind away from smoking.

Sakshi How did you successfully quit?
Pavan – It’s all about how you train your brain.
How we channel our thoughts, it’s on us.
So I started thinking about my fitness, my diet. All my thoughts were channeled to one thing – my passion

Sakshi How your life has improved since quitting?
Pavan – No more sore throat, no more cough, great immune system. Also with everything’s awesome I started anchoring and followed my passion. My life is awesome now and I’m sure it will be awesome ahead too!

Sakshi Any Advice You’d like to give to others who are trying to quit smoking?
Pavan – If you want to be an amazing boyfriend or father then don’t smoke!
Start eating when you feel that urge to smoke.

SakshiLastly, any advice for the ones who just started smoking?
Pavan – You should know your limits…
It sounds cool but it is not cool when you do it!
It’s stress relief or calms your mind or makes you feel good – that’s all bullshit!
Work on yourself and become awesome!

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