Ariel is back with the third edition of its wonderful campaign with a strong message of sharing chores.

The campaign started back in 2015 with a question ‘Is laundry only a woman’s job?’.

In 2016, it questioned ‘Why is laundry only a mother’s job?’.

It is believed that the household chores are the responsibility of a woman, and to break this stereotype, Ariel has made a come back with #ShareTheLoad campaign.

The campaign is all about teaching men of a family to help females in household chores because laundry isn’t just a woman’s job.
I don’t know about other countries, but in India, men are brought up with a stigma that the laundry, utensils and other household chores are a job of a woman and not a man, even you must have heard it a lot of times that ‘Ghar Ka Kaam Ladkia Karti Hai’.


The kid is taught to behave like a ‘Man’. He is taught to focus on studies and games but not household chores. We all must have seen this, felt this, or have done this at our home.
This stereotype thinking needs to be stopped, and #Sharetheload campaign is a great initiative by P&G’s Ariel to promote sons, brothers, dads, husbands and basically, every man to help the lady in household chores because domestic work is not to be done by a woman only.

One of such household chores is laundry. Most of us got a washing machine at home. Despite being an automatic machine, not every guy knows how to operate it. Instead, he relies on his mom for doing laundry for him. Even moms never complained about this before because they also brought up their son telling him ‘women do the household chores, men don’t’.

Now, its time to change, its time to teach your son equality. Its time to teach everyone that women and men are equal. Women can handle office work, and men can handle household chores. There isn’t any difference between men and women but thinking. Its time to change the thinking and share the load. Let’s begin with teaching sons to share the load because one little change can make all the difference.

Hamper Of Equality

Thank you Ariel for sending me this #HamperOfEquality

This post is a part of the #ShareTheLoad movement by Ariel in association with BlogAdda

7 Replies to “Ariel : Share The Load”

  1. In our Indian homes moms do all the domestic work. We can change that with making everyone participate in the chores. a nice way to sensitise family members and general public at large. Great initiative by Ariel and continuing the campaign for gender equality

  2. It’s amazing to see brands coming up with such campaigns to bring in the change that we always wanted to see ! I am glad I am raising a responsible son who believes in sharing the load.

  3. Having been brought up in an environment where all family members irrespective of gender shared the burden of work, this campaign is close to my heart. With the rapid strides of education and development, Indian society needs to shake off the fetters of old thoughts and move ahead. Ariel is doing a commendable job in creating awareness about gender equality and load sharing.

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