In an interview with Vogue magazine last year, Salman Khan gave a controversial comment. The 53-year-old actor said ‘I see a lot of people getting depressed and emotional, but I cannot afford the luxury of being depressed or sad or emotional because no matter what I am going through, it works against me’.
Deepika Padukone, who openly talked about her mental state and being in depression back in 2015 commented on his statement without taking his name, she said,’People confuse it with being a bit sad. A male star said recently that he didn’t have the luxury to be depressed’.
This is not the first time Deepika took a dig at Salman over his this statement, Earlier this year she commented, ‘depression is perceived as luxury’.

Some other strong comments by Deepika Padukone on depression were, “People think that depression happens to people who are successful” She also added,” When we were talking about celebrities coming out, there’s also a misconception that depression happens to successful people. People think that who have too much time or money get into depression, I think It’s very important to break that myth”.

Deepika is not only a marvelous actress but also a strong woman who came up and talked about her depression openly in the year 2015. Not everyone has the courage to speak about their mental state.

In my opinion,

People do have a misconception that depression comes up with money and success, whereas in my opinion, anyone can get into depression. Anyone getting bullied, anyone overthinking about anything, anyone under pressure, anyone with anything!! Depression can happen to ANYONE! their financial status and career, doesn’t define if they’re eligible for depression or not. Depression is not a choice, it’s one of the serious mental illness which we still need to talk about.
You’ll be shocked to know that 300 million people worldwide are suffering from depression, and the sad part is nobody discusses the mental pain they go through.
I feel people don’t have anyone with whom they can share their problems, tell them about their day and share ups and downs of life, that’s the leading cause that depression is taking over the world. Yes, we do have parents beside us every time, but we decide not to share our problems with them because we don’t want to stress them out.
But, we need to talk about it!!! We need to speak our heart and mind out and discuss how we feel.

If you don’t have anyone to talk to, or with whom you can share how you feel, FEEL FREE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME, Drop me WhatsApp at +918860487118 and I’ll be there. I Promise! That’s the bit that I can do as of now.

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