Brunch look

by Sakshi Sundriyal

Putting up my #ootd which I chose to wear for weekend brunch.

Oh God! Trust me! It is so difficult to write ootd posts when you don’t really have much to talk about the outfit.

Last week has been quite hectic for me, from work to my personal life, everything got messed up.

I love to keep myself occupied with work but this week was very different for me. I didn’t feel like working, or going out or even reading books. If you know me, I’m quite fond of reading books, and not at all a web series person. But, this week, I don’t know how did this miracle happen,  I  completed – ‘Inside Edge’ SERIES 1 and 2 both!!  Can’t decide whether I’m being lazy, or winter is to be blamed for this. I hope I don’t feel the same next week and be super productive like I usually am.

To take a break from the weird week I went through, I had to spend some time out, doing what I love most. Yes, reading a book it is.

About the outfit:

Winters are here, but the day was quite sunny and to my surprise, the winds also took a break. (How Lucky no?)

So I decided to wear a red warm knit top, with jeans and boots and Accessorizing it with a black sling bag.

Top: Sarojini Nagar

Jeans: Ginger, by lifestyle

Boots: I don’t remember

Sling bag: Gorgeous Diaries Shop

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