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I missed writing blog for Gorgeous Diaries. A lot happened this year, that I couldn’t give time to my blog. A lot happened in my personal as well as professional life, and I’m grateful for all the ups and downs I faced this year. Everything was so messed up with my blog as well that I couldn’t decide how to get back, but finally decided to just start it all over again, and rock this time.


So yes, I’m Back again with a hope of being consistent this time. Fingers crossed.

Today’s post is about date look.

“First impression is the last impression”. Right?  This is what makes our first date special for us and create an urge of looking finest on our first date.


Getting ready for a date is a challenge in itself. Deciding what to wear, how to get ready , with those butterflies in stomach is no easy.


Here are two quick outfit ideas to try on your first date:


Date Outfit Number 1:

In this look I decided to wear pink dress from H&M , the dress is backless with deep neck. Hence I’ve paired it with denim jacket, in order to keep the look elegant.

To highlight the neck, I wore a minimalistic bar necklace.

Elegant pink flats complimented this pink dress quite well.

Kept my makeup nude and hair simple, to complete this elegant date look.

Date look - Gorgeous Diaries

Date look - Gorgeous Diaries



Date look - Gorgeous Diaries

Date look - Gorgeous Diaries



Outfit details- 

Dress: H&M

Denim Jacket: Sarojini Nagar Market

Footwear: Street Style Store

Necklace: Gorgeous Diaries Shop 


Date Outfit Number 2:


For the second look I chose to wear navy blue wrap dress by AND, and accessorise it with minimalistic earrings.


I kept my makeup as simple as possible, in other words, I opted nude makeup for my second date look as well, and chose to keep my hair straight.

Wore golden strap flats which gave my navy blue dress pinch of elegance.

Date look - Gorgeous Diaries

Date look - Gorgeous Diaries

Date look - Gorgeous Diaries

Date look - Gorgeous Diaries

Date look - Gorgeous Diaries

Outfit Details-

Dress: AND

Earrings: Gorgeous Diaries Shop

Footwear: Street Style Store


Key points to keep in mind while getting ready for date


Do not over dress:

Avoid wearing dress that you’re not comfortable in, just for the sake of looking fabulous on your first date. You should feel comfortable in your date outfit.

Avoid shimmers and metallics and pick an elegant outfit.


Keep the makeup subtle: 

SAY NO TO HEAVY MAKEUP! Go for subtle makeup, and avoid ‘too much makeup’ thing. Keep it real, keep it simple, and keep it elegant.

Avoid things like bold eye makeup with bold lips, either go for bold eyes, and nude lips, or nude eye makeup with bold lipstick. Or just opt nude makeup.


Minimalistic accessories says it all:

Accessories bring life to your dress, and minimalistic accessory is something what will make you look beautiful without grabbing all the attention towards itself.

They can compliment almost every look and make you stand out.


Feel beautiful:

Carry your confidence with you. Do not let the guy judge you on basis of how you look.

Beauty without confidence is useless, and often ignored. Hence, don’t forget that you are the most beautiful woman, and realize how lucky is the guy with whom you’re going for date.


Be You:

Don’t fake it. Keep it real, and do not pretend to be someone else, show who is the real ‘You’. Your flaws are beautiful, embrace them.

Don’t forget that nobody is born perfect, and nobody can ever be perfect, but everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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