Remember those days when ‘stress’ for us was only about our school homework, and going out to play with friends was our only goal. But now, our stress revolves around our relationships, office, and finance, and the goal of our life is to complete office KRAs, pleasing people and ‘not being broke’. Yeah! adulting sucks! and It is mostly about stress.
We cannot reverse those good old days back, but we can definitely feel light and stress-free.
Below are some stress relieving tips that are super easy to follow, very effective, and helps in relieving stress instantly:

1. Write it down in your diary:
I’m a ‘personal diary’ person since childhood, but for some reason, I took a break from writing a personal diary.
We all know we don’t have real people around us, except our parents! On the other hand, we cannot share everything with parents, because they stress out a lot when they see us upset or tensed. Here comes our personal diary to the rescue, Write down your feelings in your diary, with no fear of being judged. Speak your heart out to your diary and see your stress disappearing.


2. Draw your mind:
Explore your creative side and draw. Let your art speak for you, you don’t need to follow ‘perfection’, but just draw your feelings, draw what makes you feel good. Keep drawing and suddenly you’ll feel good, you’ll start enjoying doodling or drawing, and will forget about your stress. This instantly lifts up the mood.


3. Cuddle your loved one:
Cuddling is the best anti-stress therapy. It makes you feel loved and secure, you feel that there is someone you can count during your bad times.
Recently, I was super stressed and upset about something and realised the value of a ‘hug’ after one of my colleagues hugged me. I almost broke out, but trust me! it, made me feel so light and better, that I forgot my problems and ‘everything is going to be alright’ took over my mind.
Talking about the science behind this, when you cuddle your loved one, your body release Oxytocin which is a hormone that makes you feel good and happier and triggers positive thinking.

4. Take a hot water shower:
Hot water shower can reliever your tensed muscles and stressed mind. Take your time, and enjoy hot water shower, let it work as a massage on your body and you’ll feel better. Your body will relax, and so will your mind.
Hot water shower triggers oxytocin levels which ease your anxiety.



5. Eat whatever you want to without feeling guilty:
I crave chocolate, cakes and other sweet stuff when stressed or upset. For some reason it makes me feel good and happy.
‘Stress eating’ is real. People overeat when stressed, and later feel bad about it.
You don’t need to feel bad, eat whatever you want to as far as it is relieving your stress and making you happy, but don’t forget to burn it later. Remember, your calories burnt should be larger than your calorie intake.


7. Follow your Hobby
What do you understand by hobby?
It is more than just a thing you like to do,
a hobby is an activity you do in your free time, which makes you feel good and gives you pleasure.
Follow your hobby and you’ll always have a thing which can elevate your mood instantly, and give you a feeling of pleasure and peace.


Now, this was about relieving stress instantly,
below are some points you should follow in order to prevent stress:


1. Sleep Well:
Does this happen to you that whenever you go to bed to sleep, you ultimately end up scrolling social media or binge-watching Netflix?
This happens with most of the millennials, so often that this has now become part of their lifestyle.
But we need a night of good sleep in order to prevent stress. If you don’t sleep enough, there are chances that you’ll develop a negative mood, low energy, heart disease, depression, anxiety, stress!!
So better take a good nap, and prevent stress for a longer term.


2. Exercise:
Being physically active releases stress. Now by physically active here I mean any form of physical activity, be it exercising, running, swimming, jogging, etc. Being physically active reduces the body’s stress hormones, so go ahead! and plan your exercise schedule.


3. Meditate
Meditation¬†calms your mind and body, relaxes you, promotes good sleep, improves focus and attention and contribute towards overall well being. Meditation plays a major role in your mental and physical well being. Meditating isn’t that easy, it might make you uncomfortable at first, but keep practising, and you’ll witness the results.


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7 Replies to “Easy Tips To Reduce Stress Instantly”

  1. Relieving stress is one of the essentials for everyone in today’s life, above key notes are very helpful, hope it reaches to masses and people find it incorporable in their daily lives.

  2. To be stress-free I usually enjoy music ..rather I love singing and dancing as both are a great stress buster for me …you have shared amazing tips

  3. Some very good tips there. I usually have a good way of dealing with stress. I talk it out in length with someone as close as my wife and then after I’ve gotten it off my chest, I start to feel a lil better.

  4. These are fabulous tips. I too have found that some cuddling time with my kid lowers down my stress levels. And music has its own magic.

  5. All the points are so apt. I need to try the hot water shower one. I would like to add one more point here to be grateful. And try to be positive in every circumstance.

  6. All that you have mentioned are some great ideas…but I think meditation is one of the most important one…Thanks for sharing this one…

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