How to feel confident

by Sakshi Sundriyal

Let’s talk about how to feel and be confident ( in almost every situation). People often ask me how do I stay confident, how I manage to face difficult situations most of the time. They see my confident side, which I chose to show them up, and not my anxious side, which I decided to hide. People will see what you decide to show them.
Situations like an interview, any on-screen appearance, interacting with someone senior to me, speaking up in public, and many more, such situations make me super anxious, my hands turn cold, my fingers start shivering, my heart rate becomes faster and I feel like running away from the situation. BUT! I decide not to give up, rather face it and forget about the conclusion and guess what? this gives me so much power and instead of being anxious I face things up with confidence.

There is no secret about being confident, but a few things that will boost your confidence. Sharing my tips about how I feel confident:

1. Fake it Until you Make it:

A little bit of CHEATING IS ALLOWED here! Fake it until you make it is something that I strongly believe in. I don’t know how many of you will agree on this and how many of you are going to criticize me for this statement, but I’d still say, fake it till you make it. Have a tough situation ahead? You are super nervous and feeling like running away? Stop there. Take a deep breath and exhale, now jump into the situation with a smile on your face and pretend that everything is fine, everything is okay, and you know how to handle it.
Fake your confidence, until you really build it strong! Use this ‘Fake Confidence’ as your protective layer while your real confidence nurtures with you.

2. Body Language:

Your gestures speak a lot about you, how you present yourself plays a major role in boosting your confidence level ! Sharing some simple body language tips, that will instantly make you look confident-

  • Smile: Smile makes you feel confident, look attractive and can make you feel happy, according to studies, the smile can fool your brain and make you feel happy even if you are not! interesting, no? Also, it makes you and the people around you feel positive. So practise smiling often!
  • Maintain a good body posture: Keep in mind to have a good body posture, sit straight, stand straight, keep your body properly aligned and that’s it! this will keep you fit and will reflect the confidence in you.
  • Gestures: Do a strong handshake, stronger the handshake, confident you appear. Use your hand gestures while you talk, Smile often, be polite, Nod when other person talks, be responsive, make eye contact while you talk to people and by doing this you again show up your confident side.

Don’t forget to make these your habit.

3. Face your fears:

We fear failures. If we accept the result and practice accepting the truth we’ll automatically be neutral to situations. Nothing will fear you up. Face your fears again and again and again, until you become strong and confident. Don’t think about the outcome, instead, be positive and feel grateful about the opportunity and enjoy it to the fullest! Don’t spoil/ the moment thinking about the future and making yourself nervous.

4. Have Faith in yourself:

There is a well-known quote, ‘ No one is you and that is your superpower’, I’ve learnt a lot from this quote itself. Be yourself and trust your decisions, trust the power you possess and you’ll nurture the confidence in you. We feel under-confident when we don’t trust our own decisions, and when we don’t trust our own decisions, how can we expect others to trust them, and this is where we lose confidence.
Take a deep breath, relax, and have faith in what you do, or what you plan. Even if you fail, it is okay. it isn’t the end, you have a whole life ahead. You will fall once, twice, thrice, a lot of times, then you’ll get up, make sure you get up with more confidence, enthusiasm, positivity and an urge to do it better!

5. Dress well:

I don’t know how many of you are going to believe me but your attire makes a difference in how we feel and how others feel about us. I’ve mentioned it in my blog ‘Work it in formals’ as well that how wearing formals or dressing up in official attire makes you look professional, confident and makes you feel the same at work or meetings. Dress according to the occasion and you’ll automatically step up your confidence game. Wear what goes well with the occasion but please prioritize your comfort as well, if you don’t feel comfortable in your attire, it will bother you a lot, and if it will bother you, it will bother others as well. which can result in your unpleasant impression.

I hope you’ll follow these tips and get the noticeable results super soon!

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