Is investing in ‘Kindle’ worth it?

by Sakshi Sundriyal

Is it too late to write this blog?

Kindle came in the year 2007, and I bought it a few months back in 2019.

Why I didn’t buy it earlier?

I love reading books, I love the smell of new books, love to feel their pages, and fold them to bookmark my last read. They’re my tiny world of dreams and inspiration, but I was not at all sure if Kindle can ever give me the same feel. If I’ll ever be able to feel it like I feel the books.

My love for pages always held me back from thinking about buying an e-book reader.

Later on, when I realized that carrying books everywhere is a task sometimes, I still wasn’t convinced to Spend money on kindle, then I installed Amazon Kindle app in my smart-phone because my brain asked me why I spent so much on the expensive phone if I cannot even read e-books on it. Do I really need to spend money on an e-book reader why can’t I read books on my phone?

Bad Decision Alert!!

Installing the Kindle app didn’t help at all. I’m already a social media addict, and after using social media on my smart-phone, reading book on the same stressed my eyes! It started hurting and then ultimately I had to uninstall the app. Though, now I’m using Zen mode and Digital well being to limit my smartphone usage *(know more about it below)

Ultimately I had to buy Kindle, good times are here :

I’ve already read a few books on it and here is what I feel about it:

  1. You can carry thousands of books in one device.
  2. It is soft on the eyes, just like paper. (Anti-glare property)
  3. You can bookmark, highlight, and create notes just like books <3
  4. Download books in minutes.
  5. Long battery life. (Mine works for a week or two)
  6. You can read books offline, don’t need to connect it to the internet always.
  7. You don’t need to buy an expensive kindle, I’ve bought, All-New Kindle (10th Gen), 6″ Display , which is very basic but solves the purpose pretty good. It costed me INR 8000.

Kindle V/s Paperback

No, it cannot be compared. While paperback is a book, but kindle is the library.

My love for the paperback is still the same, I still buy the paperback books I want to possess, but I’m living dreams in kindle.

* I’m currently using OnePlus 7 pro and have used OnePlus 5T before.

Despite the camera, speed, sound, of this phone, another thing I love about it is Zen Mode!

Zen Mode helps us putting down our phone and restrict usage. Our phone will be on but we won’t be able to use it as it will be locked for the duration we chose! However, we can attend calls during Zen mode😊

Zen means Peace, and as the name suggests, this mode is to bring peace to our lives.

Another feature I Love is digital wellbeing. In which we can limit the time limit for specific apps that we use.

My Instagram usage was 5-6 hours before, but now it is 1 hour per day.

Do give it a try and share if it helped you as well.

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