We are in a race to reach our goals. Career goals, family goals, lifestyle goals, etc. But in this race of life (which is actually leading us to nowhere) we are LOST! Lost in the world full of expectations, desires and boasting. All of us have been in the situation, where we feel empty, alone and upset for no specific reason. I would blame it on the race of life for materialistic things. Things which will make us happy for a short period of time, but won’t feed our soul.
Our soul craves happiness which these materialistic things can never provide.

What satisfies our soul is our ‘Good Deeds’.
Ever noticed the happiness you feel after doing something good, like helping an old woman, feeding poor people, lending a hand to unprivileged people etc. That is the real happiness, that is what gives you inner bliss, and satisfies your soul. It makes you feel good about everything, and suddenly life feels beautiful. I believe most of us can relate to this. Our life feels complete when we contribute towards people who aren’t as privileged as we are.
I was looking for an opportunity to help the needy people but was not sure how to begin and associate with any organization which can help me connect with underprivileged people and contribute my best for them.

I was looking for a medium to give back to society, and it happened.

I got an invite from an NGO named Wishes and Blessings for their event ‘Blogarity’ at the shelter home ‘Nizamuddin Shelter Home’. The utter happiness I received in that event is something I cannot explain in words. Attending blogarity was beautiful! doing origami activity with kids, playing antakshari, to watching their dance performances for us. I loved everything about the event.

Wishes and Blessings

I feel grateful that I got an opportunity to spend time with those cute kiddos and feel honoured to spread the word about Wishes and Blessings through my blog and social media.
Nizamuddin shelter home was a Rainbasera before, which was not in good condition. In the year 2015 Wishes and Blessings adopted it and made it a better place for underprivileged kids and women to live.

Introduction to Wishes and Blessings

Wishes and Blessings

It is an NGO started back in 2014 by Dr Geetanjali Chopra with an aim of fulfiling wishes of the deprived for just blessings in return. It started by working with visually impaired children and soon they expanded to orphanages, old age homes and shelters for the homeless people. They provide basic necessities of life – education, food, infrastructure, relief, skill development and health. Working across age, gender, economic and social hurdles, the NGO currently has 16+ projects committed to facilitating the underprivileged and achieving the ultimate goal of spreading smiles.


Wishes and Blessings


Their Programmes

1. Daily Meals Programme:

Under this programme, they provide nutritious meal three times a day to the underprivileged and homeless children, women, men and elderly.
This prevents them to go for unethical practices like theft, by fulfiling their basic need of food.

2. Sponsor a Childhood:

Here comes an amazing opportunity to sponsor a child’s education. Under this programme, you can become a special person in the life of differently abled, underprivileged and orphaned children by sponsoring their education. This will give the children the resources which are necessary to build a stable and secure future.

3. Birthday Manao:

We all go crazy on our birthdays, right? There are many underprivileged who don’t even know what birthday is.
Team Wishes and Blessings celebrates the birthday of children they are working with by hosting a joint party for all the children born in the same month. The day of celebration becomes the day of luxury for those innocents.

4. Elderly care:

Old age home is one of the projects by Wishes and Blessings, aiming at providing home and taking care of abandoned elderly women.
In April 2018, the first Old Age Home by Wishes and Blessings was inaugurated, called ‘Mann ka Tilak’.
The shelter is for the women who have been abandoned by their families and have no money or belongings. Now they got a new place to call their home, all the facilities provided are free of cost.
Wishes and Blessings, on their 5th birthday, opened the doors of Mann ka Tilak for elderly men too, who are homeless and abandoned by family.



Here is how can you Help them


1. Youth Lights:

Wishes and Blessings run an internship programme named Youth Lights, its a forum for young minds to gain the opportunity to research and provide innovative solutions to the major problems. School and college going youth are welcome and encouraged to initiate the projects and programmes.

2. Become a Change Maker:

A fun and exciting workshops are arranged 2 Saturdays a month for the beneficiaries. the workshop is led by a team of volunteers. You get an opportunity to volunteer the workshop. While the beneficiaries get to learn new things and create a bond, the volunteers go home with inner bliss and unforgettable memories.

3. Celebrate your day with beneficiaries:

You can celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or any occasion with the underprivileged children and elders. You can celebrate your day with them, by taking them to fun excursions to monuments, exhibitions and museums, movie and meal treats and/or shopping experiences. Your special day will be most special when you’ll see smiles on the face of those innocents.

4. Gift a Meal, Save a Life:

You can donate for the Daily Meals Programme by Wishes and Blessings and join hands with them in their fight against hunger.
With a minimal sponsorship of INR 3300, you can help feed an underprivileged person 270 meals over a span of 90 days. The donors are most welcomes to visit the shelters and serve the meals to the underprivileged and see the change right in front of their eyes.


You can find them on the internet at http://wishesandblessings.net
If you are willing to donate please click here.

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