She is beautiful.

They poke her everytime she’s online.
Drop her DM everytime she uploads a story.
They send her snaps to stay in her Snapchat Inbox.
Send her messages on messenger.
They reply to her WhatsApp stories.
‘ Hey! You’re beautiful’ comment on her pictures.
‘Wanna be friends?’ they message her whenever possible.
She doesn’t respond…
” Why so much of attitude? Just because you’re beautiful? ” They started commenting, frustrated of being ignored

” At least reply once!” they start insisting.

Her inbox filled with flirty texts.

She doesn’t respond…
Then she uploads a picture on social media. (The picture of her when tired after a long day, with the anxiety easily visible on her face.)
” No Makeup?” Messages filled her messenger.
” Why haven’t you done make up?” Filled her Instagram DM.
” Forgot to apply make-up?” Pinged her whatsapp messages.
” Girl ! What’s wrong with your face, haven’t you applied makeup? ” sent a concerned friend.
” Stop being fake, you’re ugly without makeup” said the guy she rejected.
” Such a Fake girl , fooling us using makeup” said Facebook comments.
with sorrow, insecurities, and anxiety hitting her hard.
She doesn’t respond..
Someone please explain me the concept of the society expecting you to look beautiful but not use Makeup, and when we don’t use makeup that stars bothering them too, and then they expect us to wear makeup.
Someone please explain me the concept of the guys who want beautiful girls, but don’t have beautiful eyes to find the real beauty.
Someone please explain me the concept of women judging other women for using makeup, not using makeup, using bold makeup, or opting nude makeup.
Someone please explain me the concept of looking beautiful..

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