Hey Cuties,

I know many of you are insecure about your body shapes. Trust me! Even I am so insecure of my body shape, that bulging belly fat, popping out love handles, and everything that makes me feel ‘ugly’. Just like you girls, I also try my best to hide my flaws, but deep inside I’m always insecure because of them.

I try to wear clothes that don’t show my belly fat and love handles, I feel sorry for myself that I can’t wear bodycon dresses because of this weird body shape. Believe me, I’m done reading stuff telling us to love ourselves the way we are, no I’m not against it, even I’ve accepted my flaws, but I’m always scared to flaunt them publically, and somewhere deep inside me, they do make me feel insecure about my appearance.

We always try to look for shortcuts, rather than following a good diet and workout plan which will not just tone our body, but make us fit as well, we try to opt shortcuts, and one of such shortcuts is ‘shapewear’.

Y’all must have heard about ‘Shapewear’, many of you might have used it too. But today I’ll tell you Why I’ll never opt for shapewear, and you shouldn’t buy them too:


1. Temporary ‘Jugaad’:

Shapewear gives shape to your body for a temporary period of time, it does not cut off extra fat from your body. There are many people who think shapewear would mould their body to perfect body shape, but this isn’t the truth! shapewear just temporary fixes your body shape. The moment you remove it, Boom!! you get back to your original body shape.



2. You’re suffocating your organs:

By wearing shapewear, you suffocate your body organs, and squeezing your organs might lead to Nausea, acid reflux, heartburn, it can also suppress your urge to pee, which may cause stress incontinence. Sometimes it can lead to PANIC ATTACKS too!!


3. Bloating and digestive issues:

Another major disadvantage of using Shapewears is Bloating and digestive issues. As you squeeze your organs, your digestive system fails to work properly, and this commonly leads to bloating or gas, and other digestive issues.


4: Bowel problems:
Shapewear compresses our organs which at times affects the bowel movement and leads to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.



5. Yeast and bacterial infections:

When you wear something skin hugging, you sweat more, and the more you sweat, the more moisture it produces which does not have any space to go, hence your shapewear helps them breed.


Benefit of shapewear:

  • Social Acceptance
    The only benefit of shapewear is that the society which judges you on basis of your body shape will finally accept you when you’ll flaunt that (temporary) flawless figure. They’ll accept your body figure for now, but then they’ll start judging you on your skin complexion, skin texture, the way you speak, the way you walk, your features, your job, and even the materialistic thing that you possess. Honestly, you can never meet people’s expectation, and you don’t need to! so better focus on improving yourself as a person, physically, emotionally, mentally, for your own inner satisfaction, and not for satisfying people around. Much Love and More Power to you all.

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