Gorgeous Diaries Blog turns 1 today and I don’t know how to explain the feeling, the happiness. I can’t thank you all enough for loving me, and making me stay focused on My Blog.
Before 12 November 2016, I had no idea that I’ll ever go for blogging, yes! I was extremely excited to start a blog, my own blog and I was thinking about starting it for quite long time but I started it with intention of learning about what exactly blog is, and how all this works, i wasn’t that serious about blogging, but then I started posting quite frequently after February, and now I’m here❤ happily completing the First year of Gorgeous Diaries Blog.
The journey started from my love for writing and styling, then came my supportive family and guy, to our hard work, and then came the bundle of happiness it gave me and my well wishers.
There are times when I still feel like quitting it all, but my near and dear ones always motivate me and help me to improve and stay focused. Moreover, my social media family ❤ everyone who is following me on social media, and read my blogs here, I love you all. Thank you for being part of this beautiful journey. From zero, to Instagram family of ten thousand within a year is the best thing that happened to me in 2017.
Celebrating this day with a giveaway on Instagram, and a small celebration with family and friends.
Started with an intention of learning, and now its my Dream, and everyone who is reading this, you play a very important role in this dream.
Your love is stronger than those ups and downs, and obstacles.
Keep showering your blessings ❤
🦋 much love to you all.
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