6 Virtual train journeys from around the world

by Sakshi Sundriyal
virtual train journey

Bringing 6 virtual train journeys for you, to satisfy the traveler in you. During this time of pandemic when almost everyone in the entire world is quarantined, we are missing traveling. Ever thought virtual traveling will be a thing? Believe it now. Come, join us in 6 beautiful train journeys:

The Bernina Railway

The Unesco listed Berninabahn (Bernina Railway)of Switzerland is one of the most impressive mountain railways in the world. It features some of Europe’s highest railway crossings (over 7000 feet) and is one of the world’s steepest railways. This soothing two-hour virtual journey takes you through the St. Moritz section in Switzerland and Triano section in Italy.

Line 7, NYC Subway 

While the NYC subway express line number 7 might not be among the world’s prettiest train journeys, it remains a cultural experience for real and wants to be New Yorkers. The road provides some iconic views of the skyline of New York City in its stretches above ground. Owing to the number of ethnic communities that it passes, this virtual train journey takes you on the Manhattan-bound leg of the train line called “international express.” The unusual front-facing view in the video also gives rush-hour commuter train travel a surprisingly relaxed feel.

The Nagaragawa Railway

The first thing that definitely comes to mind when you think of Japanese trains might be the super-fast bullet trains that remain one of Japan’s cultural icons. Japan, however, also has a large network of rural railroad lines that carry its people and visitors almost everywhere in the world. This trip takes you on the Nagaragawa Railway in Gifu Prefecture through 4k video and winds through a snowy winter wonderland surrounded by high mountains. 

The Flåm Railway

The Flåm train line is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway. Though it is only 20 kilometers long, it packs in a short space of time a huge amount of dreamy Norwegian mountain scenery.

It is also one of the world’s steepest standard-gauge railways as it passes up through remote mountain villages in the Vestland province of Norway. This 40-minute virtual train ride takes you from the train driver’s point of view along the windy, steep, and breathtaking path.

The Belgrade to Bar Railway

One of the biggest achievements of railway engineering in the world is the Belgrade to Bar railway, which brings passengers from Serbia’s capital city to the Adriatic coast in Montenegro. The line that traverses the mountainous terrain of the area has 254 tunnels and 234 bridges. This journey brings you to the final portion of the path from Bijelo Polje to Bar and brings you down a 3000-meter elevation drop through high mountain ravines before stopping just off the coast. During winter, you can even experience the same trip to see how snow transforms the countryside.

VIA Rail Canada

Traveling by train from Toronto to Vancouver takes three days and four nights total. If you want to make the same journey in twelve minutes then it is worth checking out this compact account of an epic trans-Canadian rail journey.

The detailed video displays the highlights from a passenger’s point of view of a three-day rail journey. This features meal shots, sleep plans, and a few great sceneries. Alone the fun ambient background noise makes it worth watching.

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