I’ve been a coffee lover since teenage. People say coffee disturbs your sleeping cycle, but for me, a cup of coffee before going to bed was heaven, and I used to fall asleep instantly.
Sharing a small real-life instance on what made me quit coffee.
One fine day, I went to a coffee shop after office, to have my cup of energy drink, coffee. suddenly I was all dizzy and pukish, I couldn’t understand what exactly happened. Though I was fine after 25-30 minutes.
That was the very first time when I was ATTACKED by coffee.
Ignoring the incident, I went to another coffee shop the next day, and a similar thing happened there also. Extreme dizziness, racing heartbeats, and nervousness caught me.
Then I decided not to drink coffee for a few days.
I’ve been craving coffee throughout, and after 10-15 days, I decided to give it a try again. The same thing happened all over again, My fitness band noted my pulses as 120 Beats per minute, I was all nervous, and was dizzy! The problem was increasing so bad that I had to quit coffee.

A few days later in a regular medical test, the doctor suspected anxiety hence he asked me to take precautions.

I don’t even remember the last time I had coffee.
( I still have cold coffee once in a while, but not more than few sips, just to satisfy my cravings! )

Coffee used to relax me down, I used to crave it bad before going to bed and after working for long, I had to find a replacement for coffee.

By luck, I found a sample sachet of ‘herbal tisane’ in my kitchen.

That was the day when I tried herbal tea for the first time, and yes it was love at first sip for me.

It worked instantly on me, and I felt the same calmness again. Herbal tisane contains no caffeine, but herbal components.

Just wanted to share this story here, Have you ever experienced the same after having coffee?

8 Replies to “Why I Quit Coffee?”

  1. Amazing and beautiful post. Love the story of coffee. Herbal tisane sounds to be good for the Health. Herbal tea is best for the refreshing. Great thoughts.

  2. Oh a nice and caution post for all coffee lovers… And I guess it’s like for some it suites & some it don’t… And definitely will check out the herbal tea too.

  3. That’s strange. I have never suffered a coffee reaction like the one you did, and I have been sipping coffee since God knows when. Good to know that you have found an alternate (Herbal Tisane).

  4. Actually, everything in excess is bad. I never felt this way maybe I take it rarely. I am a tea lover and have it at least once in a day. But thanks for sharing your experience.

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