Blogging, or my media job, I feel lucky I don’t have any specific dress code to be followed, but formals and semi-formal outfits got a special space in my heart, it boosts my self-confidence instantly and also leads to a productive day. I wonder if you feel the same when in work wear? Also, there are many who say they don’t feel comfortable in formals or semi formals.

The simplest semi-formal attire one can opt is a blazer, with a round neck or V neck top, jeans, with your favorite heels and you’re all set to feel comfortable while rocking formal outfit.

Okay, so the question is

Why Work Wear?

According to research what you wear can actually change the way you perform, it makes you more productive and boosts your confidence ( I’ve experienced this personally too).

It doesn’t only makes you feel confident but also builds a positive impact on other people.

Someone said it right that ‘the first impression is the last impression’, I completely agree with this, though not everyone thinks so! When you meet someone who’s wearing a casual outfit, and another person who is wearing formals, you’ll yourself observe what a big difference formal attire makes in one’s personality.

The first thing a person notices when he/she meets you is your outfit, the more formally dressed you are, the stronger is a positive impression. It instantly builds your reputation, respect and makes the person trust you. Also, formals tend to leave a more long-lasting impression than casuals.

Here is my semi-formal look, which isn’t just elegant, but comfortable too.

I’ve paired my top with dark blue denim jeans, with a blazer.¬† I paired it up with¬†Wedge sandals and decided to wear minimalistic golden ring chain to add bling of accessory.

I kept my makeup nude and hair side-parted to make it look natural and effortlessly beautiful.


Formal wear







Outfit Details-

Blazer: Customized

Top: Roadster

Jeans: Lifestyle

Chain: Gorgeous Diaries Shop

Footwear : Bata


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