You’re Not Alone…

by Sakshi Sundriyal

You’re not the only one going through such bad phase of life,
Everyone goes through it.
You’re not the only one who is body ashamed,
Everyone is.
You’re not the only one who is going through heartbreak,
Everyone gets.
You’re not the only one craving someone’s love,
Everyone is.
You’re not the only one who is tolerating criticism,
Everybody do.
You’re not the only one who is depressed,
Everyone is.
You’re not the only one facing failure,
Everyone does.
I know how difficult it is to cope up body shame, how challenging it is to handle heartbreak, how much it kills you when you crave someone’s love, how much power it takes to tolerate criticism, how tough it is to overcome depression, how much it hurts when you’re facing failure.
But life goes on,
Its in your hands, whether you chose to live rest of your life with burden of all these instances, or you want to overcome everything and begin a new life.
Its sad how people try to end their life, just because they’re unable to get out of these stuff.
Please Please Please!!! Don’t worry if you’re suffering, time heals everything, throw out those creepy suicidal thoughts out of your mind and talk to yourself about why are you here? What is your aim? What’s your worth? How strong you are!
Let go the past, and prepare yourself mentally to fight this cruel world, and begin with a new life, with new and stronger you. The new you, who knows what is he/she supposed to do in life, who knows how he/she is going to enjoy this beautiful life, who knows what it feels like overcoming everything and giving birth to a stronger self.
Ending with a note: “You’re not alone and this isn’t the end, but beginning of a new journey”
Stay Blessed ❤

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